Gabriel Graham

106 Somerset Ave. Toronto, Ontario M6H 2R4 Canada

647 989 4223

Current Position:

Mural / Mosaic for Ranchdale Public School and the Toronto District School Board


B.A. Visual Studies Specialist, University of Toronto, (2005)


NOIR //100 Ossington Ave.

Individual Exhibitions:

"NOIR" (Installation/Party Intervention) 100 Ossington Ave. Toronto (April 2010)

"TRAP" (Mousetrap Installation, Mural and interventionist piece)1096 Queen St. West, Toronto (January 2010)

"Faktory Visuals" (Projections) 6 Noble, Toronto (December 2009)

”DICE” (Projection). NW Corner of Lisgar and Sudbury, Toronto (November 2009)

“Audio Visual” (Poster Show) Club V, Toronto, (APRIL 2009)

“Drawings by 77”, (Digital Illustrations) Fountain Gallery, Toronto, (September 2008)

“Grid” (Painting) Strike Gallery Storefront, Toronto, (October 2007)

“Room” (Interventionist piece) Spadina and College, Toronto, (April 2005)

Group Exhibitions:

"I Heart Video Art" (Igloo Installation) Video Art Festival 195 King St. W, Kitchener (April 2010)

”6 Murals” collabo w/Dudeman, Sioban Q, Eric Moe (Mixed media) Holt Renfrew, Toronto (November 2009 – May 2010)

"Gifts for Giving" (2 paintings, 1 collage) 561 Bloor W, Toronto (December 2009)

"$20" fundraiser for 52 McCaul, (Mixed media collage) Toronto (November 2009)

“2 Fresh Showcase Part III“ (Plaqued Posterart) TA2 Studios, Toronto (November 2009)

“Bookmark 2009 Project” (Acetate Bookmark), Koffler Centre

“Chapter 3, Manifesto Art Show” (Igloo Installation) 52 McCaul, Toronto (September - October 2009)

“Regenesis” (2 Paintings) , Arta gallery, Toronto, (September 2009)

“2Fresh Showcase Part II” (Plaqued Posterart) TA2 Studios, Toronto (September 2009)

“Masala, Mehndi, Masti”, ( Intaglio Print 10’x3.5’, Collage 24”x36”, Painting 36”x48”)

Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Toronto (August 2009)

“2Fresh showcase” (Plaqued Posterart) TA2 Studios, Toronto (June 2009)

“Chicken Wing” (Digital Illustration) 52 grove, Toronto (April 2009)

”Poster Art, the Show That Never Happened”, ART’D (3 posters 24x24”) Czehoski, Toronto. (March 2009)

“Down the Rabbit Hole”, (Projection) Augusta House, Toronto. (February 2009)

"Bump It Fashion Fundraiser", (2 13"x19" prints) Augusta House, Toronto. (December 2009)

“Capetown Shakedown”, (36"x36" Giclee) Studio Gallery, Toronto, (November 2008)

“Peep Show” (Installation and 7 Collage pieces) McKibbin Studios, NYC, (December 2006)

“Markit” (Installation, Interventionist piece and 14.5x14 ft painting) 250 Augusta Ave, former meatpacking warehouse, Toronto, (April 2005)

“Eyeball”(4 intaglio prints 2 x 8', 4 Lino-cut prints 3 x 8') 1 Spadina Crescent, (December 2005)

“Feedback”, Experimental Exhibition Lab, Toronto, (March 2005)

“Eyeball”, 1 Spadina Crescent, (December 2004)

“Well Brought Up”, 260 Adelaide St. W, Toronto, (September 2003)

Contract Work:

"Luv Birthday Bash" poster, Lindsay Luv, NYC (April 2010)

"Power Forward Productions" Logo, Illustration (March, 2010)

"Young Empires" Logo (March, 2010)

"Bass of Hearts" Poster, Zed's Dead, The Social, Toronto (February 2010)

"Deeper" Poster, Nacho Lovers, Wrongbar, Toronto (February 2010)

"My first Sweater" Mixtape Cover, Torro Torro, Toronto (January 2010)

"NYE House Party" poster., Augusta House. Toronto (December 2009)

"Afrodrip" poster. Isis, Starving Yet full,, Wrongbar. Toronto (December 2009)

"NYE People's Party" poster. Brandon Sek, Keen1, Lower Ossington Theatre, Toronto (Dec 2009)

"Faktory NYE"`poster. Dim mak vs. Fools Gold, The Social, Toronto (December 2009)

"Undead Rave 2" poster., Annex Wreckroom, Toronto (December 2009)

"Faktory Saturdays" poster. Faktory, St. MAndrew, Violca, The Social, Toronto (November 2009)

"Sunday Brunch" poster. Extreme Rush Ventures, Lindsay Luv, Mocca Lounge NYC (November - December 2009)

Designer Drugs” poster., Wrongbar, Toronto (November 2009)

”Undead Rave” poster., Annex Wreckroom, Toronto (November 2009)

"SbEuro" Drawing for Sharpe Blackmore (November 2009)

”Monster Horror Thriller Theatre” poster. Capitol Theatre, Sam Fleming. Toronto (October 2009)

“Stay Gold” poster. Michael Williams, George Strombolopolous, K-os, Toronto (October 2009)

“Evolved Entertainment” logo & layout work. Toronto (September 2009)

“There Goes the Neighbourhood” poster. Lindsay Luv, Undeadisco, Toronto (September 2009)

“Frosh Fest 09‘” poster. Autoerotique, La riots, AM Only, Halifax (September 2009)

“Voyeur” poster. Azari & III, Violca, Y-Pro, Alex Charlton, Mod Club. Toronto (August 2009)

“Nightflight” poster. Starving Yet Full, Fritz Helder, Ali Black. Toronto (August 2009)

“Frequency” poster. Starving yet full, Dinamo Azari, Ali black. Toronto (August 2009)

“Storm” t-shirt design, Adrift. Toronto (August 2009)

Midnight Masquerade” poster. Marc Andrew Smith, Violca, Wrongbar. Toronto (August 2009)

"Attack of the New Arrivals" Window DIsplay, Moog Audio, Toronto (July 2009)

“The Finishing Shop” Vehicle Decal, Peterborough (June 2009)

“Tommy Z Bday Party” poster. Sweetback, Augusta House. Toronto (May 2009)

“Frequency” poster. Starving Yet Full, Dinamo Azari, Ali Black. Toronto (May 2009)

“No Sleep Till BK” poster. Lastnightsparty, Lindsay Luv, Real Talk. Toronto, (May 2009)

“Shady Ladies” album art. Alixander III, Automatt (May 2009)

“Audio Visual” poster, Dj Brake, Harmonik Rage, Toronto, (May 2009)

"Lady of Sorrow", Mixtape cover for St. Mandrew (May 2009)

“Audio Visual” poster, Yo-Ev, Mikey Digitz, Harmonic Rage Toronto (May 2009)

“Dj Falcon” poster. Electric Youth, State Theatre, The Jons. Toronto (May 2009)

“Tightknit” poster. Justin Tyce, Fawn BC. (May 2009)

“Audio Visual” poster. Tightknit, Justin Tyce, Harmonik Rage, Club V. Toronto, (May 2009)

“Do the Criminal” album cover. Goldengirls. Automatt (April 2009)

"Frequency" Poster, Automatt, Ali Black, Dinamo Azari, Tororonto (April 2009)

“Audio Visual” poster, Violca of Mansion, Alex Charlton, Club V. Toronto, (April 2009)

“Audio Visual” poster. Gingy, Harmonik Rage, Panic Mechanics, Club V. Toronto. (April 2009)

“Easter Long Weekend” poster. Mansion, Mario J, The Social, Toronto (March 2009)

“M.A.N.D.Y.” poster. The Social, Toronto (March 2009)

“Burroughes Loft Party” poster, Parallels, Fritz Helder and The Phantoms, Tuxedo Mask,

Azari &III, Automatt. Toronto (March 2009) “Burroughes Fashion Finale Loft Party”, (March 2009)

“Record Release Party” poster. Goldengirls, TMDP, St Mandrew, Drake Hotel (March 2009)

“Heart” shirt and logo design in collaboration with Millburn Clothing,

(March 2009)

“Late Times” Mixtape Art, St. Mandrew, Radio Borge Budapest, (February 2009)

Acid City” Mixtape Art. Andrew Ross, Brandon Sek, Curb Crawlers Blog. (February 2009)

“XOXO” Album Art. Goldengirls (January 2009)

“Kavinsky NYE” Poster. The Social Nightclub, (December 2008)

“Krames” Poster, The Social Nightclub, Toronto (November 2008)

“Flash” Logo. Flash Boyz, (November 2008)

“Bus Mailer” envelope art, Les Vedettes Perdues (November 2008)

”Samantha Ronson” Poster, Matt Sims, Simease2Hearts, The Courthouse, (November 2008)

“Les Vedettes Perdues”, Art Direction, Subscription Card. (October 2008)

“Nuit Rouge”, Event Poster. iYellow Wine Club. (October 2008)

“Bump it” Logo, Illustration. The Flyest Material. (October 2008)

“Yo-Ev”, Logo Design. (October 2008)

“Monster Horror Shocker Theatre” Poster, Capitol Event Theatre, (October 2008)

“Mansion”, Logo, Illustration, (October 2008)

“ Oh Yeah” Poster. Teki Latex, Rynecologist, Vaneska. The Drake Hotel. (October 2008)

“” Logo, (September 2008)

“Vice Afterparty” poster. Juan Maclean, The Social. (September 2008)

“Blame it on Disco” Poster. Salvador Darling, Le French Toast (September 2008)

“TMDP Rampage” Poster, Golden Girls, TMDP, Barletta, (September 2008)

“Champagne Birthday” Poster,Caroline Konitzer, (September 2008)

“NERD” Event Poster. The Flyest Material, N.E.R.D, Dopplehertz, (September 2008)

4AM” Poster, Vaneska, Barbi, Meech, Vivi Diamond, The Social, (September 2008)

”The Big League” Album Art, Poster Series, Golden Girls, (August 2008)

"Bad Idea" Drawing. (August 2008)

”Team Canada Eh?” Poster. Team Canada, Dopplehertz, The Social (august 2008)

”Free Ricky Ray Ray” Portrait. Ramone Sizon (August 2008)

”Live at Mod Club” Event Poster. TMDP. Mod Club (August 2008)

“So Friday” Poster. Dopplehertz, Larry Tee, STA, Marc Alan Gray, (July 2008)

“Hammertime” Poster, Golden Girls, TMDP, Love Pink Pony, Darkmean, (July 2008)

“Partyshank” Poster, Partyshank, Dopplehertz, the social (July 2008)

“Captain Thomas” Poster, The Social, Dopplehertz, (June 2008)

”Monday Mix”, Mixtape Art, Yo-Ev, (June 2008)

“Dance Party” poster, Golden Girls, Put the Rifle Down, Syntonics, St. Mandrew, (June 2008)

“iPod Battle”`Poster. Chapman Brougham. Lobby (June 2008)

“Guns N Bombs” Poster. Guns N Bombs, (June 2008)

“Dragonette DJ Sette” poster. Oligarchy, Boytech, The Social (June 2008)

“Special Disco Edition” poster. Pat Mahoney, Hercules and Love Affair, Andy Butler (June 2008)

“Nuit Bleu” Poster and Flyer. Golden Girls, Gregular, Sarah Tone In, (June 2008)

”The Doc’s B-Day” Poster. DSRNR, St. Mandrew, Rynecologist, Meech (June 2008)

“Crookers” Poster. Wrongbar, June 2008

“Splash” Poster. Golden Girls, TMDP, Mr. Furious, (May 2008)

“Falafel and Waffle” poster. Paul Devro, Wrongbar, Nasty Nav, St. Mandrew (May 2008)

“Gracie vogue” Portrait of Grace Carroll. (May 2008)

“TechNoir” poster. St.Mandrew, Eroc, Geoff Snack. The Drake Hotel (April 2008)

”Freeloadin” Mixtape Art, St. Mandrew (March 2008)

“Record Release Party” Album Art, Event Poster and Flyer. Golden Girls, (March 2008)

“Lovely”, Portrait. ScrewedPretty, (February 2008)

“Have You Seen This Kid” Portrait of Steve Aoki, (February 2008)

“Dollarama NYE”,poster. Nasty Nav, Yr Boy Brian, St. Mandrew, Wrongbar (December 2007)

“One Blood” portrait of MSTRKRFT, (November 2007)

”On Top of a Speaker Tour”, poster. DJ Medhi, (November 2007)

“Celery” Magazine Logo, (August 2007)

“DJ Fase” Portrait of Fraser Wendt, (June 2007)

Curatorial / Production Work:

Thirty9Steps, Pink Cobra, Carte Blanche

"Desolation Beach" Photo shoot. Old Beach, Toronto (November 2009)

Thirty9Steps, Pink Cobra, Carte Blanche

"Camilla STEEL HEEL Skovgaard" Photoshoot. Ryerson University Photo Studio, Toronto. (September 2009)

Erika Wybourn,

“Un Vernissage De Passage” photographs on giclee, 552 Gladstone, Toronto (August 2009)

Erika Wybourn,

”Impressions of Sand” Digital Photographs on giclee, QSQ, Toronto, (June 2008)

Erika Wybourn,

“Closer” Digital Photographs on giclee, Red Sea Village, Toronto, (March 2008)

Ryan Foerster,

”Sluts” Drawings and

Todd Sines

“Playboy” Digital Manipulations. Peep Show, Mckibbin Studios, NYC, (December 2006)

Kris Rossel

”Light Paintings” Super8 Video, Banzai, Toronto, (August 2006)

References available upon request